About Us

Our practitioners specialize in many different types of therapies.  Together we are a great team! Here are our specialists…

FREELING CHIROPRACTIC – Dr. Melinda Dillon, DC is highly skilled in many different chiropractic techniques including: diversified, SOT, Activator, Graston, Cox flexion-distraction, Thompson, and soft tissue manipulation.  Dr. Melinda Dillon, DC uses gentle adjusting techniques, combined with soft tissue techniques and nutrition to give her patients ultimate relief from their pain.  She spends the time to address each individual’s healthcare needs and helps them connect to different resources in their community.  The chiropractic/body work techniques that she uses range greatly on the scale of force matching what your body needs.  Dr. Dillon offers acupuncture as well to help patients with somatic an visceral issues. You can learn more about Dr. Dillon through her website at www.freelingchiropractic.com or call for an appointment or with any questions that you might have about your health (913)515-0929.


deluca head shotDr. Rachael Deluca  LAc is a lifelong student of ancient medicine. Her passion for Chinese medicine began 15 years ago, studying Taoism and Qi Gong.Rachael believes in the medicine of the Heart. Her philosophy on longevity is to know what truly brings us joy. If we continually explore the voice of the heart then we are truly living what we love and the body will automatically fall in harmony.Rachael practices Traditional Chinese Medicine, Eastern and Western Herbalism, TuiNa, and Nutritional Counseling.  She is most interested in assisting a person to health by obtaining the graceful balance of body, mind and spirit, and thus, individuation. You can contact Dr. DeLuca at  www.rachaeldeluca.com  for an appointment.