What to Expect on the First Visit

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When you make your appointment be sure to tell us what your health concerns are so that we can best match you with the healthcare professional(s) that you need.  You will then be contacted by the doctor or therapist to discuss what concerns that you have about your house and what services are available for you.

 Your first appointment may take up to an hour so be sure to set that amount of time aside.  You will be given a focused exam and then a treatment plan will be designed to fit your needs.  If no labs or imaging is necessary you will be able to start your treatment that day.

General Pricing

Spinal Exam————————-$40zinnia

Average Adjustment—————-$40

Acupuncture——(Initial Visit)—-$95

Acupuncture—(Follow Up)——–$65

Massage 1 hour———————$70

Includes a variety of techniques focused on structural correction and relaxation.

Yoga Therapy (1 on 1)————-$40