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Dr. Melinda Dillon, DC graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 2010. Before Cleveland she attended UMKC receiving 2 Bachelor degrees in Biology and in Chemistry. She also received her acupuncture certification in 2011 from the Acupuncture Society of America shortly after graduating from Cleveland Chiropractic College. Dr. Dillon believes in being able to get high quality health care at a low cost. She really takes the time to understand everyone's individual needs to provide a very thorough evaluation and treatment plan that works for the patient. She is very skilled in structural health, chiropractic adjustments, diagnostics, acupuncture, soft tissue manipulation, radiology and physical therapy. She has been serving the Kansas City area for several years and was voted in the Pitch Weekly "Top 3 Chiropractors" of 2017. Dr. Dillon is highly knowledgeable in the body's form and function. She is also very skilled in many different chiropractic techniques including: diversified, SOT, Activator, Graston, Cox flexion-distraction, Thompson, and soft tissue manipulation.

Experience Dr. Dillon has worked as a chiropractor and acupuncturist at Be Well on 39th since they opened in 2010. She has been engaged with the Volker, Valentine, Roanoke, Rosedale, Mission Hills, and the surrounding communities using a combination of Western and Eastern medicine to restore health and decrease pain. From 2008-2009 she has worked in the Cleveland Chiropractic Clinic in both Overland Park and Brookside and the continued working in a preceptorship in 2010. Her research during undergrad at UMKC focused on biologic function and structure through developmental, enviromental and genetic studies. In 2007 she received a SEARCH grant that allowed her to trace the genetic markers that predetermined the activation of genetic phenotypes. Dr. Dillon has always had an interest in nutrition. Before her undergraduate studies and research, she gained experience at health food stores, closely working with customers and their dietary needs. Now, she volunteers within the local food community helping the farmers provide local, organic food for Kansas City.

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Missouri State Chiropracors Association
American Chiropractic Association
39th Street West Community Association

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